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Tap a session to:

  • Add the session to your favorites list
  • Add the session to your personal agenda
  • Complete a survey
  • Ask the speaker a question
  • Download the presentation
  • View session details

General Usage

We recommend you spend some time and start by reviewing all the sessions on the agenda. For the sessions you are interested in attending add them to your favorites list. You'll see a heart_fill next to the session to indicate it is a favorite. Once you have reviewed all of the sessions, use Preferences to set your agenda to display favorites only. You can then decide which of your favorites you want to attend and add them into your personal agenda.

Searching and Filter Agenda Data

You can at any time search and filter the agenda data using the search bar at the top of the screen. For example to display Labs only, enter "Lab" in the search bar. To permantyly filter agenda data by favorites, day or brand use preferences settings_fill.

Session Types

  • Lecture
  • Lab
  • Demo
  • Birds of a feather

Session Complexity

  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Basic

Session is repeated

  • R


  • T-ATF Architecting the Future
  • T-LPD Leadership and Professional Development
  • T-APT Application Development
  • T-HPC High Performance Computing
  • T-COG AI and Machine Learning
  • T-ABD Analytics and Big Data
  • T-CLV Cloud and Virtualization
  • T-HAV High Availability
  • T-SYS System Admin and Migration
  • T-PER Performance
  • T-SEC Security and Encryption
  • T-TCP Networking
  • T-DBM Database and Modern Data Platforms
  • T-SYM Systems Management
  • T-SHW Server and Storage Hardware
  • T-DAE Data Efficiency
  • T-DPB Data Protection Archive and Backup
  • T-FLS Flash Systems
  • T-SDS Software Defined Storage
  • T-CVM Cluster Virtualization and Management
  • T-OBS Object Storage
  • T-IMS IMS Technical Symposium
  • T-POS Poster Session