Logging into the App will initiate a sync of global and personal agenda data from the IBMtechU server ( This data will be stored locally to your device.

You may want to sync periodically, say once a day or if you have made a change to your agenda on the web application.

The App will check with the server periodically to see if there has been an incremental change to the Agenda database. If so, the "Sync Agenda Data" menu option on the homepage with change red. Please re-sync.

Internet Connectivety

  • For the purpose of viewing, searching and building a personal agenda plan, internet connectivity is not required.
  • To Submit surveys and check the scheduled status of a session, internet connectivity is required.

Data Synchronization

The Synchronization function pulls down two sets of information from the web application ( server.

  • The latest Agenda (All Sessions)
  • Your personal agenda (My Agenda)

When sessions are added to your personal agenda using this app, the sync operation sends these back upstream to the web application, along with any chosen favorites. If you logout and re-logn to the app, your favorites and personal agenda will be restored.

Surveys are automatically sent to the web application and are not part of the sync function.

Material Downloads

To download the session material, select the session from with "Agenda Sessions" or "My Agenda" and press the download thumbnail.