My Agenda Guide Info

Tap a session to:

  • Complete a survey
  • Ask the speaker a question
  • Download the presentation
  • View session details
  • See other favorite sessions in this timeslot
  • See other sessions this timeslot

Tap an empty slot to see all sessions in this timeslot

To Submit surveys and check the scheduled status of a session, internet connectivity is required.

My Agenda, details...

Sessions can be added to your agenda plan using this application and will appear lightblue background. Sometimes we may pre-populate your agenda with key sessions like the Opening Keynote or Meet the Expert sessions. These will appear with a white background. You can remove these pre-populated sessions but a re-sync is required as they are stored on the server copy of your agenda.

  • To add a session to your agenda, select the session from "Agenda Sessions" and select "Add to Agenda".
  • When you select a session in "My Agenda", if the device has internet connectivity, the App will report back the status of the session, for example: On Schedule, Cancelled or Moved.