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settings_fill  Preferences

Using Preferences, you can toggle options for agenda filtering.

Start by pressing the blue preferences icon below and set the days you'll be attending the event along with key brands of interest.

heart_fill  Sessions of Interest

For large events with several hundred sessions. When reviewing the agenda (pre-event), we highly recommend you add sessions of interest to your favorites list! Rather than directly to your agenda.

At the event, turn on favorite sessions using preferences. This way you'll see only the sessions you are interested in.

reply_fill  Swipe right to left to move to the next page.

favorites_fill  Building your Agenda

Once you have added all the sessions of interest to your favourites list, you may find several sessions are scheduled in the same timeslot. Some of these sessions will be repeated (indicated by a blue R icon). Decide which session you will attend by adding it to your agenda.

You can only add one session per timeslot to your agenda as you can only be in one place at a time. This is why we designed the favorites function.

Sometimes due to unfortunate circumstances we have to move or cancel sessions. To see if a session is on schedule or been moved/cancelled tap on it from "My Agenda".

Favorites can be easily viewed from "My Agenda", both by day and by timeslot. Once you have added a session to your agenda, other favorites in that timeslot are essentially your backup/secondary preferences.

refresh_round_fill  Synchronization

Synchronization does the following: 1. Backup your favorites and your agenda to the cloud. 2. Download the latest agenda including any notifications. This data is stored in local db cache, so the core application does not require a data connection to view and plan your agenda.

refresh_round_fill  Synching across multiple devices

You can easily sync your agenda across multiple devices, say phone and tablet. To do this: build your favorites and agenda on device 1, then sync to the Cloud (this will happen by default). Then either: Login on device 2 or if you are already logged in, go to Preferences and turn off setting Sync: Push to Cloud. This will cause the sync process to download the personal agenda data from the Cloud. If you plan on making changes on Device 2, turn back on setting Sync: Push to Cloud.

check_round_fill  Surveys

Please complete Surveys for all sessions you attend. And before you leave the event, complete the overall event survey.

bars  Left Panel Menu & Logout

Swipe left to right to reveal left menu panel! (Refer to Swipe Controls: Info Icon on Homepage for more info). Don't forget to Logout when you leave the event.

download_fill  Presentation Downloads

Before and during the event, presentations can be downloaded on an individual basis using this App.
Post event (the week following the end of the conference), all presentations will be zipped into a single file. This file along with an index of all material can be downloaded using Box@IBM. You will receive an email when the zip file is available for download.